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M.E.D.® Board - Motorsports Extrication Device

Designed from the ground up specifically to meet the rigourous demands of motorsport rescue, the M.E.D.® Board aids in the safe and expedious removal of injured and potentially injured race drivers from vehicles following crashes.

Key Features

  • Carbon fiber construction

  • Easy to use

  • Extremely Thin &  Lightweight

  • Strong, rigid, and durable

  • Colour coded straps, military grade buckles

  • Suitable for use in all types of race vehicles and race seats

  • CMRT Certified


M.E.D.® Board Design


Custom designed for use in race track extrication , the thin, strong and light-weight M.E.D.® Board is easy to maneuver into position, even in the constrained and compromised cockpit of a damaged race car. It is not a modified “street” device but rather precisely conceived for the needs of race rescue.


Built for strength and durability


The M.E.D.® Board is extremely thin (7 mm) and weighs in at just 700 grams.
Layered carbon fiber coated in a hard high gloss finish yields an extremely strong and rigid extrication device.

The board can be easily cleaned and disinfected in the event of blood or fluid borne pathogen contamination.


Engineered for Ease of Use


Patient straps are our own design    equipped with snap-lock quick release buckles. They are colour coded to facilitate precise attachment in emergency situations.  They can be easily opened and closed even when wearing gloves (including most types of di-electric  safety gloves when working on electrified vehicles)  Hand cut-outs are also large enough for use with gloves.  Finish and design means that insertion between patient and seat is easy, even if the surfaces are wet.





Built with safety in mind


MEDtm  buckles are military grade, weight
supporting buckles that cannot be opened while under load, ensuring patient safety.

Designed with Patient Comfort

in Mind


Body Strap material as well as all insertion point positioning and angles have been optimized to ensure driver immobilization and comfort.  This is enhanced by the chin and forehead straps that ensure proper head restraint with no airway compromise.


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